Bill Payment: Allows customers/agents to make payments for services such as PHCN postpaid and prepaid (Ikeja Electric, Jos Electric, Abuja Electric Eko Electric etc), Pay TV (GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES) and many more.

How it Works

Customers/agents on Paga initiate a merchant payment transaction using the App, Web or USSD. The Paga user then selects desired billers/services following details to complete a Merchant Payment Transaction on the Paga Platform such as desired biller, biller’s details, Name and Amount of the desired service. Paga sends a request to the biller to validate details. The biller fulfils service to the customer and reduces Paga stock account with the value of the transaction. 

Paga debits the customer/agent’s wallet with the value of the transaction + transaction fee. For agent transactions, Paga credits the agent commission account with the commission earned for the transaction. The biller sends a response to Paga to confirm the transaction was processed successfully or if the transaction failed.

Points of Possible Failure (POF) for Bill Payment Transactions.

Points of failures are scenarios that truncate the smooth operationalisation of the transaction. These are issues that may lead to situations where the Paga user/recipient is not credited with the value of the transaction. Below are points of failure for Bill Payment Transactions:

A. Paga Platform and the Merchant/Biller: The transaction may fail to get to the Merchant/Biller after being processed on Paga.

BThe transaction may also fail between the Merchant/Biller and the Recipient: The beneficiary may fail to receive value for the transaction after been processed.


There are several billers/merchants available on Paga. All of them do not have similar resolution paths. For resolutions on the different bill payment services, please visit