You will earn commission on all transactions performed on each account you registered in addition to your regular commission. You will also get bonuses on fee-based transactions and other incentives. The more accounts you register the higher your commission every month. Below are other benefits;

Business growth/expansion: expand your agency business and increase your monthly earnings when you register more customers. The agent earns commissions/bonus from transactions performed by customers. Growth without boundary!

Cut-down on operational cost: Become profitable and efficient by increasing your customer base and transaction count/volu
me without incurring additional cost on physical expansion.

Round-the-clock earnings: Overcome the barrier of opening/closing hours by enjoying more earnings as your customers transact anytime and anywhere.

Additional Commission: Earn extra commission on fee-based transactions as though transactions where done in your outlet.

Upgrade to higher agent category: Why remain on the same agent category when you can achieve Megastar status faster as your registered customers continue to transact? The more your customers transact, the more you remain active.