The following guidelines are recommended to securely protect our laptop and Paga’s sensitive

information. If you require help in implementing any of these guidelines, please contact CIT in person or via email:

1. Always use secure complex passwords that are not easy to guess. Protect your passwords and do

not write them down.

2. Ensure you have the Bitdefender endpoint security antivirus installed on your laptops.

3. Do not store sensitive information on unsecured USB flash drives or other devices.

4. Always save files or data you are not willing to lose on Box Drive.

5. Ensure laptops are always secured. Shut down, lock, log off, or put your laptop to sleep before leaving it unattended. Make sure your laptop requires a secure password to start up.

6. Allow Windows updates and other application updates performed on your laptop.

7. When you receive an email, check the email address and the domain name of the sender. Not

just the sender’s name. Especially in emails that try to create a sense of urgency.

8. If a link or attachment looks suspicious, it’s most likely malicious.

9. Pay attention to the URL you’re directed to when you click on a link in your email.

10. Watch out for popular phishing language in emails like “verify your account”.