At Paga, we have five core values that form the guiding principles of how we conduct ourselves as employees, how we run our business, and how we interact with customers.

These values are Collaboration, Ownership, Result Oriented, Integrity, and Innovation (CORII).

We have defined these tenets to demonstrate our commitment to our values. This is used as a yardstick for determining and measuring our conduct internally and externally.

Collaboration: We strongly believe in the power of collaboration. Each department relies on the other to do its part in order to make our workflow effective, and it is important to note that each individual contribution is valued and vital. Even though we expect that the ownership of each role and the tasks to achieve key results may differ, we must understand that we are all working towards common goals and objectives. Therefore, we must be deliberate about pooling together our skills, resources, and ideas.

Ownership: We are building a team of resourceful, curious, and independent self-starters and we believe that we only invite the best and most brilliant minds to be a part of our team. Therefore, we have great expectations of you that do not include hand-holding or micro-managing. Paga is a high-performance, fast-paced, and self-driven environment; we provide the best support to aid you in quickly completing your tasks, but we expect each individual to fully own and drive the process to completion.

Results-Oriented: We are less focused on effort and more on results. We believe in working hard and working smart to quickly achieve our goals. We encourage our team members to take risks, learn quickly, adapt and grow. You must push the limits of what is possible, be capable and motivated enough to achieve and surpass defined targets. To be successful at Paga, you must always think in terms of results.

Integrity: We place immense value in our integrity as this is tied to the trust and confidence that our colleagues, customers, shareholders, and the wider community have placed in us. We must have integrity in all our dealings internally and externally, by always being honest. We do not steal, manipulate, or cheat. We do not cut corners or take unfair advantage of anyone. Any person that demonstrates a lack of integrity will be ejected from our team, as this has no place in our ecosystem.

Innovation: Innovation is one of the most important components of not only successful companies, but successful individuals. We are constantly creating new products, processes, strategies, and ideas. This means we believe no system is perfect and that things can always be improved upon. We recognize a successful team member as one who adds infinite value and growth to Paga, by not just identifying existing problems, but being able to apply creative thinking to come up with new and improved solutions.