The Company aims to provide reasonable leave periods and adjustments to the work schedule so as to enable you to take requested leave time while minimising any disruption to the business. 

The Company encourages employees to utilise their leave provisions and to actively pursue their non-work interests. Leave requests and approvals will be guided as follows;

  • Leave shall be taken at a time mutually convenient to you and the Company;
  • Agreed levels of work cover within a business unit must be maintained to ensure that service levels are maintained at all times;
  • Line managers will discuss with employees at the start of the year and agree on proposed leave time within the year;
  • Line managers shall prepare their departmental proposed leave rosters for the year;
  • The amount of leave requested should be based upon the number of complete calendar months worked, as at the time of request;
  • Leave should be formally requested in writing or via e-mail at least two (2) weeks before the intended start date;
  • After approval has been granted leave request advice should be sent to the Human Capital department for confirmation and documentation;
  • Line managers must approve all leave requests and are responsible for ensuring that all leave records are appropriately maintained.