You are entitled to receive up to twelve (12) working days paid sick leave in a year. If you are unable to attend work due to sickness, you must communicate with your line manager by 6.00 am on your first day of absence. Such communication should outline the nature of your illness, the action you are taking, e.g. going to the Doctor, and the likely duration of your absence. 

You will also need to comply with the sickness certification requirements detailed below. We also ask that you keep in close communication with your line manager so that they are notified as soon as any changes occur.

Sickness Certification Requirements: 

  • Up to one (1) day – None
  • Two (2) days and above – Doctor’s certificate

As soon as you are in receipt of a Doctor’s certificate, it should be sent to your line manager. The above dates include weekends and public holidays. Any sickness-related leave taken over the approved amount will be unpaid.