So much of our time is spent at work that it is important we feel comfortable; being too hot or too cold whilst at work can make the day feel very long and/or tiring. We are different, some of us feel the cold and some of us do not and with the majority of us sharing offices it can be very difficult to get the temperature just right to suit everyone.

To ensure people are comfortable involves the consideration of a range of environmental and personal factors with a thermal environment that satisfies the majority (80%) of people in the workplace the best that realistically can be achieved.

Improving your Thermal Comfort:

  • Add or remove layers of clothing depending on how hot or cold you are.
  • Wear suitable fabrics.
  • Use window blinds to cut down on the heating effects of the sun.
  • Open windows to increase ventilation if you are too hot, but please ensure this does not affect the air conditioning systems.
  • If you are too warm drink plenty of water and if you are too cold have a warm drink