Instant Notification Upon Payment: Rest easy! we notify you when payment has been made and you can then trigger other business processes and eliminate all those reconciliation issues.

Customers Do Not Need Paga Accounts: Your customers do not need a Paga account. The payer can pay from any bank or mobile money account, use their card, pay via QR from their bank app, or even pay offline at agents.

Collect API is built on Paga Payments Infrastructure: We have built the Collect API on infrastructure we already use in our applications at Paga such as:

Bank Transfers: Paga is connected to all Banks in Nigeria to send and receive instant transfers. We are also connected to the top 7 Banks directly. We have built significant redundancy in our bank transfers.

Card Payments: Paga’s gateway — Paga Checkout — gives users the ability to collect payments via Cards. We recently bolstered our capability in cards by connecting directly to Visa Cybersource.

USSD Payments: Paga is connected to offer payment collection via any Bank’s own USSD. A GT Bank Customer can pay into someone’s Paga account directly from *737# as an example.

QR Payments: While still early days in the Nigerian market, we are long on QR payments and therefore we have integrated to Visa for EMVCo based QR. This means any Paga customer can use our QR and collect payments from the app of any bank.

Offline Payments: Paga’s 27,000 agents means you can now offer book online and pay at agents. We have seen how this approach has driven growth across LATAM.

Paga’s Payments Request Framework: This is the glue that makes it all possible. We have built a powerful engine that enables requests to be made and upon fulfilment, triggers other actions.