Each employee is personally responsible for information they have submitted or viewed using the computer facilities provided to them and should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Email/internet must be used for legitimate business purposes and business educational purposes. Reasonable personal use is also permitted, as described above.
  • Email/internet may not be used to seek, retrieve, display, download or circulate electronically to others, information (including graphics) that is indecent, profane, subversive, and criminal or may contribute to harming other groups or individuals.
  • Information sent by email must be legal and decent and not disrespect the race, colour, creed, age, gender, physical ability, or sexual orientation of others. 
  • Similarly, employees must actively discourage others from sending such information to them.
  • The Internet must not be used for gambling or soliciting for personal gain or profit.
  • Generally, emails should not contain anything that the individual is not prepared to write in a paper memo.
  • Employees may not send emails from another employee’s personal computer under that employee’s login password, without the consent of that employee.